Nedra Blick, Implementation Specialist

Nedra has been with the Balcom Group since 2011. She has learned the business quite literally from the ground up as her first task at TBG was to get rid of old files and update current ones. She spent a lot of time on the floor going through client’s folders. (She referred to it all as Alphabet soup) But, because of that work, she now knows the Balcom Group’s clients almost as well as she knows her own family, which is how you will be treated if you get to know Nedra well. She aims to greet everyone she meets in this business; clients and hotel staff alike, with respect and joy. You can count on her to always go the extra smile. (Oh yes we did!)

Nedra is The Balcom Group’s Implementation Specialist. That means she gets the ball rolling on all the little- but infinitely important aspects of your conference. If the Devil is in the details, Nedra knows him by his first name.

On a personal note, Nedra’s favorite part of working with the Balcom Group is the fact that she can work from home and still homeschool her daughter and be with her four legged children of the canine and rodent persuasions and of course, she gets to work with the best group of ladies at The Balcom Group and the best clients a meeting planner could hope for!!